At Method,
we excite minds

We’re a creative technology studio turning amazing stories into awe-inspiring experiences.35

We conceive, design, build and deliver unforgettable experiences.

Stories take a million shapes. Method can turn yours into an awe-inspiring, immersive and unforgettable digital experience that engages people with what your brand or organisation has to share.

Technology excites and inspires us, igniting our minds. We’re always looking for new ways to bend it towards the art of telling stories. We know stories take a million shapes, so we approach creative technologies with an open mind, finding the right fit for you, your audience and your engagement objectives.

We know every brief is unique, with its own challenges and opportunities. So we take a tech-agnostic approach, starting at the story and seeing where it leads. It might reveal itself to be an immersive website, a space transformed with interactive projections, an astonishing VR adventure, or something completely different. Whatever the solution is, our team has the skills and vision to conceive, design, build and deliver it.

Not the new kids.
But kids at heart.

Method started from a belief that digital could be so much more. Our founders know that truly unique and compelling digital experiences build on our capacity for wonder and play. Our method for solving creative problems and technical challenges starts with curiosity and exploration.

We’ve been here since 2003, pushing the boundaries of creative technology and how stories are told digitally. That makes us old enough to know what we’re doing, experienced enough to handle your story with maturity and connected enough to bring more to the table. But what makes us Method is that we’ve never stopped being restless and inquisitive kids at heart.


We create intuitive websites and apps for all connected devices, putting your story and experiences right at a user’s fingertips.


We use immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality to astonish your audience and transport them to new worlds.


We use creative technologies to transform how people interact with and experience galleries, exhibitions and public spaces.


We make simple, joyful and beautiful games for our clients and ourselves, helping people learn, grow and relax through play.
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From the makers at Method.

Who makes up the Method team? A diverse group of creatives, technologists, strategists, artists, developers and specialist collaborators.

We’re proud of the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences. It makes us naturally curious questioners and explorers who never start from one preconceived position. As different as we all are, our love of creative technology, storytelling, problem solving and play unites us.

Let’s make something together35

Got a story to tell, a creative problem to solve or an opportunity to explore?
We’re already excited, so let’s get together and talk.